Cataracts & Surgery

What You Need to Know About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a cloudy area in the normally clear lens of your eye, causing blurry vision. Most cataracts are related to aging and, over time, can lead to vision loss. When a cataract interferes with your usual activities, such as reading and driving, your physician will likely recommend cataract surgery.

Cataract Illustration

During cataract surgery, your cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens. This lens is called an intraocular lens (IOL). Cataract surgery is the most common procedure in the world and is one of the safest and most successful procedures performed today.¹

IOL Illustration

Cataract surgery can also offer the opportunity to correct other vision problems you may be experiencing, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (irregularly shaped lens), or presbyopia (diminishing ability to focus with age).

Cataracts are the most common age-related eye condition and a leading cause of preventable blindness.

Learn how you can customize your vision after cataract surgery.

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